I build tech that’s used by some of the world’s biggest brands.

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Founder, CEO, and owner of InCharged, VendX, and Lux Disinfect. My dream is to create new and innovative ways for marketers to reach their audience

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Jessica Gonzalez is a lifelong New Jersey entrepreneur and self-starter.

She founded her event technology company InCharged ten years ago by selling everything she had, moving in with her parents, and working three jobs - all while retaining 100% ownership of the company.

As a Latina woman and mother, the path to building a business hasn't been easy - but Gonzalez lives and works with the attitude that "nothing is impossible.” Over the last decade, she's grown InCharged into an event technology fixture - partnering with brands like Google, Coca-Cola, and T-Mobile to implement cutting-edge experiential marketing campaigns and events.

Tech entrepreneur Jessica Gonzalez has sold two of her companies Lux Disinfect, to New York-based IBrands Global, but she will stay on as the Chief Innovation Officer for both IBrands and BluLabs — a new company that will serve as the innovation arm of IBrands. Terms of the deal, which was announced in late January, were not released.

Gonzalez has never fit the mold of a "typical" business leader, but she prefers it that way. She brings a fresh, think-outside-the-box approach to every problem she tackles and is ready to leverage her experience and perspective to help keep the families and communities of New Jersey moving forward and safe.

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