Founded & Acquired

In 2008, I bootstrapped InCharged phone charging kiosk from my father's basement with zero funding and have retained 100% ownership without debt or outside investors. We have become a dominant force, generating $25M+ in revenue.

Between Covid and acquisitions, InCharged has remained open for business and has expanded its product offerings to wifi, metal detectors, and event staffing. In 2023 InCharged won a national account for all new amazon stores providing sampling tech.

InCharged today is led by its core team, as Jessica has taken on a chairman position in the company.

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Amidst the pandemic's overwhelming challenges, our indomitable spirit and expertise in product development led to the birth of Lux Disinfect, a trailblazing disinfection tech company focusing on UVC light technology. Determined to help the world reopen safely with scarce disinfectants, our very own Jessica crafted the first UVC towers from limited Home Depot supplies and the final 100 UVC bulbs in the US. These innovations allowed schools, daycares, and frontline workers to stay operational, reusing masks and PPE, while sustaining the fight against the ruthless pandemic.

Introducing Lux Disinfect, an innovative brand revolutionizing the world of disinfection technology with its cutting-edge UVC air purification systems and robotic kiosks. Engineered to ensure the well-being and safety of people in homes, schools, and workplaces, Lux Disinfect caught the eye of New Jersey's Governor, earning its creator Jessica a prestigious position on the Restart and Recover Commission. Collaborating with noteworthy personalities like Ben Bernanke and the CEO of Campbell's Soup, her efforts strengthened state-wide initiatives for safer reopening. Gaining widespread recognition between 2020-2022, Jessica received multiple awards and media accolades, culminating in a triumphant exit in 2021.

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Imagine a vending machine that dispenses prizes or samples and fuels your business with valuable customer insights, driving engagement and interaction like never before. VendX, a data-powered smart vending machine, is revolutionizing how retail giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Google captivate their audiences by harnessing the power of invaluable data. Ingeniously conceived by bootstrapped Latinx founder and CEO Jessica Gonzalez, VendX has transformed from a humble idea into a trailblazing data-gathering powerhouse. Remarkably, this meteoric rise was achieved without external funding, as the company leveraged profits from InCharged to launch and scale VendX seamlessly. Today, our innovative vending machine plays a pivotal role at national experiential events like the Super Bowl and in sampling programs across the globe, empowering commercial customers to drive success by giving their audiences a little taste of sheer brilliance.

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Introducing Happen Ventures - the cutting-edge zero landfill sustainability tech firm that's taken the world by storm in 2022-2023!

This game-changing company reimagines the link between environmentally responsible corporations and local communities by intercepting landfill-bound products and redirecting them to those in need. The result? An enhanced ESG rating, philanthropic growth, and valuable tax incentives for your business.

Our unique approach strategically connects your surplus items with nearby organizations sharing your core values, ensuring fuel-efficient distribution while seamlessly handling all communication and logistics. But that's not all - Happen Ventures has expanded its portfolio to include waste-to-energy and liquidation services, empowering companies to make a positive difference while boosting their bottom line. Happen Ventures - where sustainability and compassion intersect.

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